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Supersprox-stealth is a world-wide patented product and registered trademark. For details, please visit and search for Patent Number 7481729 or and search for Patent Number EP1573234.

Romain Febvre Victory MXGP Italy

Romain Febvre Victory MXGP Italy

Another MXGP victory for Supersrpox sponsored riders. Very exciting !!!! Riding the yellow Yamaha, with Supersprox sprockets, Romain Febvre has won the MXGP of Italy with a 1st - 6th result. Second overall was Kevin Strijbos with 9-1 scored and third Todd Waters with 4-4 scores. Defending MXGP champion Antonio Cairoli sustained a wrist injury and could only manage 13th overall. The other Supersprox rider (Jeremy Van Horebeek, finished 6th and is looking stronger this weekend.

Romain Febvre

Erzberg enduro Hell !! World Enduro Extreme Austria

World Enduro Extreme Austria

From all these riders, only 5 finished. 2015 Erzberg Redbull Hare Scramble Resulted in an incredible result. The top 4 hard enduro riders in the world have been declared joint winners of the 2015 Erzberg Redbull Hare Scramble; Graham Jarvis, Alfredo Gomez, Jonny Walker, Andreas Lettenbichler (All using Supersprox) At the 2 hour mark they arrived at the section named “Downtown”. It was soon clear that Jarvis was at a complete stop and appeared unable to continue on his own. Two minutes behind arrived Alfredo Gomez, then Johnny Walker, Andreas Lettenbichler and finally Wade Young. All of the riders decided to abandon usual race rules and help each other up the near vertical virgin ravine. Either they should help each other or no one would move forward to the end. The exhaustion level for the riders was quite obvious. It took well over an hour for the group of five to clear the section. When they were finally able to clime to the top of the hill, it seemed that they would all fail to reach the finish line within the 4 hour limit.


Pela Renet

World Enduro championship Greece

Pela Renet (E3) and Mathias Bellino (E3) finished a perfect weekends. Both riders claiming double class wins at the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship’s GP of Greece. A second long day or racing ended with Husqvarna’s Pela Renet claimed his first double win of the season ahead of Antoine Meo with third going to Alex Salvini (all using Supersprox). Things were clearer second time out in Enduro 3, where Mathias Bellino got the lead early in the day and rode on to victory. Conditions were dry and even harder on day two, with mud holes and countless river crossings in the enduro test taking their toll on many riders.

Finland’s Eero Remes (TM) was hard to catch on day two, securing a fourth day win in 2015 to level Christophe Nambotin’s (F-KTM) number of victories this season. Riding with pain on his injured knee, Christophe Nambotin (using Supersprox) had to settle for second in Enduro 1, and now leads Remes by only four points. The challenge to win the E1 class is tough and definitely undecided.

Mathias Bellino