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Coma wins Dhabi Challenge

SUperSprox details

Red Bull KTM’s Marc Coma seals an early victory in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge on Thursday after organisers cancelled the final scheduled stage.
A sandstorm had made support for the riders impossible. Coma's win also lays the foundation stone in his bid to secure his seventh world championship title.

Final Overall Standings

  1. Marc Coma, ESP, KTM, 14 hours 49.05 (Supersprox)
  2. Sam Sunderland, GBR, KTM at 11.55 (Supersprox)
  3. Pablo Quintanilla, CHI, KTM at 20.16 (Supersprox)

  4. Ruben Faria, POR, KTM at 28.01 (Supersprox)

  5. Ricky Brabec, USA, Honda at 34.17 (Supersprox)
  6. Moh. Al Balooshi, UAE, KTM at 44.48 (Supersprox)
  7. Juan Salvatierra, BOL, KTM at 1:03.06
  8. Matt Hart, AUS, KTM at 1:13.15
  9. J. Cornejo, CHI, Suzuki at 1:13.15
  10. David McBride, GBR, KTM at 1:17.35