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About SuperSprox

Producing sprockets since 1956

In the photograph. Roger Maughfling (tallest guy) presents Jack Clay with a retirement gift. Jack worked in Supersprox 25 years. 1960-1985

Supersprox company was started in 1959, in Wales UK. Supersprox are true world leaders in the production of performance motorcycle sprockets. A supplier and technical partner to many motorcycle producers, KTM Austria, Husqvarna Austria, Honda HRC Japan and Yamaha Japan. With a long tradition of expertise in the motorcycle field. The company has supplied the quality racing sprockets since 1959. Founded by Roger Maughfling, who was passionate enthusiast and loved all things with motors, but particularly motorcycles. He opened a motorcycle repair shop in Mid Wales UK, where he used to work many hours and even sleep. In those days, pioneers in industry needed to be able to produce their own parts. It was not many years after the second war and parts rationing still existed in the UK. Roger was often missing parts and in particular sprockets, for the bikes in the shop. The need gave way to the solution and the first crude sprockets were turned out for grateful clients. As the business grew, Supersrpox found its place in the market. Eventually the motorcycle repair shop turned into a small sprocket production, with Roger inventing and creating day and night. Over time more people joined the growing company as the market demanded the higher quality parts. By 1975, the company had its own product name (Supersprox) and was to be found on bikes rolling out of Husqvarna Sweden and Maico Germany. Working with Triumph and Norton in the UK. This philosophy of hard work and dedication to detail has been passed down to the current leader of the company DJ Maughfling, the son of the founder.

In photograph Roger Maughfling riding the London to Brighton run, on his classic bike. Taken circa 1950

Supersprox is undoubtedly the largest producer of motorcycle sprockets in Europe, but our passion remains in the production of the technical sprockets, like the Supersprox-stealth. A product we invented, developed and patented by the company. This is a product that is very technically advanced and represents a real advance in sprocket technology. The company continues to develop and advance ideas, working with factory racing teams of KTM ag, Honda HRC and Yamaha. Our products were fitted to the motorcycles of 6 world champions in 2014 and 7 world champions in 2015.

Roger Maughfling loved sidecar grass track. He built his own bikes and developed a leading link suspension system. Picture circa 1960

Supersrpox have 3 locations, with our main production facilities in Zhytomyr, Ukraine and Lowicz, Poland. We Supersprox was the original inventer of the hybrid sprocket in 1999. We were the first to use steel for the teeth and aluminium for the middle. Creating a new market sector for ultra high performance. We have developed a very modern and technical production process, that offers flexibility for the small volume batches. Allowing us to create a wide range for almost every motorcycle. Our team focus all their working energy on every aspect of sprocket production constantly improving designs and techniques, to offer better and longer lasting sprockets. Our work with the Japanese and European motorcycle producers has helped to define a meticulous focus on detail. Supersprox the only mass production sprocket producer, with a dedicated team producing custom sprockets. We can make any sprockets you desire as a single item.

At the races. Roger Maughfling and his son DJ Maughfling in 1983 at a motocross. DJ started riding when he was 6 and still loves bike today.

In 2007, Supersprox opened  Supersprox Inc (Riverside, California). This company is wholly owned by us and has one purpose, to introduce the Supersprox-stealth range to enthusiasts in America. It has been 50 years, since the time when Supersrpox was delivered to USA fitted on new motorcycles from Husqvarna and used as standard equipment. Riders such as Malcolm Smith and Steve McQueen probably used Supersprox products on their new bikes back then. Supersrpox is still to this day working with Husqvarna as a main supplier.


Malcolm Smith on a Husqvarna racing in USA. Although Malcolm didn’t know it at the time, every new bike came with Supersprox as original equipment.

Supersprox-stealth is a world-wide patented product and registered trademark. For details, please visit www.patft.uspto.gov  and search for Patent Number 7481729 or www.epoline.org  and search for Patent Number EP1573234.

DJ Maughfling and the Supersprox team in our Zhytomyr factory 2015. Talking shop again.

DJ Maughfling and the Supersprox team in our Zhytomyr factory 2015. Talking shop again. DJ (white shirt and red tie)

It’s a pleasure to be here.

Email Address:

Czech Republic – Registered Address
Supersprox, a.s.
Masarykova 125
250 88 Čelákovice
Czech Republic

Ukraine – Production
Supersprox Ukraine LLC
132 Korolyova str.
Zhytomyr, 10025 Ukraine

Poland – Production / Distribution
Lowicz Industrial & Logistic Services Sp. z o.o.
(areal SYNTEX) ul. Powstancow 1863 r. nr 12 99-400 Lowicz Poland

USA – Distribution / Production
Supersprox Inc Unit 11,
7095 Jurupa Ave Riverside, CA 92504 USA


We are proud of our clients 

Our desire

To develop innovative ideas and create working realities.

To lead the market by innovation.

We were the first company to produce aluminum sprockets, way back in 1967. Although common today, they were cutting edge back then.

A new millennium concept.

We patented the aluminum and steel combination sprocket back 2000. This was a jump in reality for our clients and competitors. Today the concept is accepted throughout the motorcycle industry as the best performing sprocket type and a third sector was born. Supersprox-stealth, lives longer!

The future may already exist.

We are currently working with HRC, KTM, Yamaha and Husqvarna factory teams to develop our latest idea of a sprocket that will help extent chain life by more than 40%. Although this may sound like an exaggeration, we are closer than you may imagine. The goal is to keep riding affordable for our clients.