MX Racing Aluminum Sprockets

Supersprox catalogue 2016 (Page 3)

MX rider and want aluminium sprocket for your bike?

We produce the best and the lightest aluminium sprockets in the world. Our sprockets are Original equipment on KTM, Husqvarna, Honda (HM) and others. If you have set your mind on light weight, then these are the best you could buy!

Free color

COLORS:  Honda – Red / Kawasaki -Black / Suzuki – Black / Yamaha – Blue / KTM – Orange /Husqvarna – Red

We don’t charge extra for color, like some of our competitors. There is one quality and one high level finish, that we have chosen for all of our sprocket line.

Want STRONGER teeth

Supersprox have developed several unique products over the past 45 years. We have also pioneered the way forward in technical design. Back in 2004, we introduced a special tooth design that increases chain contact and significantly extends the sprocket life – Its an exclusive feature!


Grooves between the teeth, allow the dirt to be shifted from under the chain and this reduces chain load. All that dirt is abrasive and will prematurely damage your sprockets and chain. You really need grooves on aluminium sprockets, its not an option. So, we treat grooves as standard and don’t charge for them – WE don’t charge for grooves!


Why do our competitors charge $65.00 for an aluminium sprocket? We are asking that question all the time. Well, there are some reasons. Most brands are not offered from the manufacturer direct. TAG, Pro-Taper and several others are private branded and this adds more companies in the supply chain. More mouths to feed! We are the manufactures and the chain between us any you is as short as it can be. In the end, we are able to offer you more for less and we still make enough 🙂

420 chain (Mini bikes) for $49.95
428 chain (Mini bikes) for $49.95
520 chain (Full size bikes) for $49.95

NOTE: If you’re riding anything over a 250cc, then think about Supersprox-Stealth. We make all the types and will sell you what you want, but the Supersprox-stealth will last much longer and saves money by reducing the frequency of replacement.


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