1974/09/18              Andreas Lettenbichler born in Rosenheim Germany/Bavaria

1982                          Began to ride my first even developed Trial bike

1983-1985                Did bike trials in my region

1986                          Got my fist Yamaha Ty125 Trial bike

1986-1989                Did Trial Alpenpokal in south bavaria

1990                           First Year German Championship, broke my leg at the begin of the season.

1990                          vice champion south germany

1990-1993                did my apprenticeship

1991-1996                Rode german trial championship

1993                         My daughter Selina is born

1996                          German trial champion

1997-1999                German indoor trial champion

1998                        My son Manuel is born

1997-2001                Rode european and world championsip not as a proffesional

2002                        Came back to germany won german championship

2003                        Tryed to finish Motorsport or better my wife

2004                        Can´t finish, Rode and won austrian trial championship

2005                        Austrian trial champion

2006                        Went to Eisenerz with my first Endurobike ever, finished second at the Red Bull hare scramble

2007                        Got BMW factory support DNF at Erzberg

2008                        Second at Erzberg

2009                        Won Red Bull Romaniacs, third at Erzberg

2010                        Second at Erzberg, Third at Romaniacs, Third at Roof of africa, third at Hellsgate

2011                        Had a lot of chrashes, only two races, tough one third, Red Bull Romaniacs third

2012                        Top five year, second at Romaniacs, second at Getzenrodeo,

fourth Sea to sky, fourth at RB city sramble, fifth Hellsgate

2013                        found a new hobby in the wintertime freeride with the snowmobile, try to stay alive flatout

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