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MOTUL chain lubes


Chain Clean

Chain Clean is a perfect product that cleans all types of motorcycle chains (road and off-road, ATV), in fact any chain can be cleaned with this great product. Chain Clean removes all encrusted deposits, dust, sand, soil, oil and extreme grease. Chain clean is... Read more

Supersprox Specialist tools, sprocket and chain from Motionpro

Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool

Allows visual alignment of sprocket for accurate alignment of drive chain and rear wheel.

For all bikes.


Motion Pro Chain Riveting Tool

This tool set is designed to rivet chain links together... Read more

D.I.D. chains

tmp_producto_313 ... perfect quality and performance.
DID NZ-3 420 G/B
  • Off road - All
  • None
  • Color: Gold Black
  • DID chain, Non-Sealed.
  • Ooffering high quality and quad riveting for all racing Mini Bikes.
  • Non-sealed chaines offer reduced friction for small bikes and better power delivery.
  • 3 560 lbs tensile strength
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RK Chains

RK_TAKASAGO_header_en ... perfect quality and performance.

All RK Sealed chains feature heat treated hi-carbon alloy steel components, giving unrivalled wear life. Seamless rollers that allow the chain to run freely between the teeth of the sprocket and reduce chain vibration and shouldered bushings allow the patented XW seal to retain 72% more...

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