Free Shipping

Free Shipping on orders over $99.

All orders under $99 are charged at competitive prices, depending on your state.

All shipping prices are shown on the checkout pages before checkout.

There are no hidden extras. The price you see is the price you pay.

Sorry, but free shipping does not apply to Canada or outside America. (See details below)

At Supersprox we pride ourselves on:

Accuracy of delivery and quality of the parts supplied.

Most parts in-stock with a wide selection of alternatives.

Fast shipping – Our orders are usually shipped out same day**.

*Orders placed on weekends or major holidays will usually ship the next business day.

We’ve been taking care of our European customers for over 40 years and we have been making regular business in America since 2007.

We are here to serve you in the best way we can.

Shipping to CANADA and outside America

We ship to Canada and outside USA. Sorry, its not free, but it is competitive. Please see below or call for details.

Shipping to Canada!

We offer a simple, one-rate price to get your order shipped directly to your door. The price you see at checkout is the final price you pay.

No hidden charges, no extra handling fees or super long delivery time hassle. Customs fees are already included in the shipping rates below.

Typical ship times are 3-6 business days.

Price based shipping to Canada:

Your shipping rate is determined on the dollar size of your order in the table below. Your rate will be inserted at checkout.

Please note that all prices on our website are in U.S. dollars.

Order Total Rate*
$0.00 to $99.00 $30
$99.01 to $199.00 $54
$199.01 to $299.00 $75
$299.01 to $399.00 $100
$399.01 to $499.00 $125
for each $100
beyond $499 add:

*Total shipping rate – To your door.