Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis

I’m Graham Jarvis and this is a short summary of how I forged my riding career…

I won my first Trial at the age of 10 and worked my way up to become 5 x British Trials Champion, 4 x Scottish Six Day Trial winner and reached World No4, I have won the infamous Scott Trial 9 times, more than anyone has ever won it in it’s 100 year history.

As the sport of Extreme Enduro became more popular, I decided to give it a go and found factory support and have been riding for the “Extreme Husaberg Racing Team”.

I have established myself as one of the top riders in Extreme Enduro my achievements so far can be seen on the right of the page.

Extreme Enduro Racing

The sport of Extreme Enduro Racing has a worldwide audience from Australia, Canada, Ecuador to South Africa, to name but a few of the races from last years calender. The most famous of these is the Erzberg Race in Austria there is around 2,000 riders on the start line, with only a handful finishing the race.

Media Coverage

All major races are covered by Redbull TV, numerous sky channels, TMX News, and various Off Road Magazines in the UK and World wide. I was recently featured on the popular Trans World Sport channel. There is ever growing media excitement around this increasingly popular sport.

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