Supersprox Specialist tools, sprocket and chain from Motionpro

Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool

Allows visual alignment of sprocket for accurate alignment of drive chain and rear wheel.

For all bikes.


Motion Pro Chain Riveting Tool

This tool set is designed to rivet chain links together and form an endless chain such as a drive chains or cam chain. The tool may also be used to push pins out when breaking chains to remove from the bike or shorten.

*Note. This will work on cam chains as well drive chains!

For all bikes.


Motion Pro Master Link Clip Pliers

Designed to simplify installation and removal of clip-type master links. These special pliers have one side (tip) shorter than the other side (tip) and there is a notch to locate the pin which allows the longer end to push on the clip. This is much more than a pair of pliers!

For all bikes 420, 428, 520 (with a note – for clip link fitting on heavy duty chains).


Motion Pro Super Light Chain Tool

Designed to break 520, 525 and 530 chains. The idea of the tool is for carrying with you when you are riding and the forged, super light construction is light enough to carry in your fanny pack.

*The tool also allows you press on and off 520 side plates and some 525 clip type master link side plates* *For use on clip type master links with press fit side plates only. This tool does not rivet master link pins. This tool does not rivet chain pins*

For all bikes 520, 525, 530 (with a note – for clip link fitting on heavy duty chains).

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Motion Pro Chain Breaker

This tool is designed to break all 520, 525, 530 chains. It folds up and is easy to carry in your tool box or riding bag. Made from durable steel and hardened.

For all bikes 520, 525, 530


PBR Chain Tool

Innovative design will Press, Break   & Rivet 520, 525, & 530 chains with one convenient toolVersatile design will remove chain   pins, press master-link plates and rivet hollow nose & soft nose (quad   stake) master link pins on O-ring and non O-ring type chainsEasy to use design allows you to   change tool functions by simply moving the position of the anvil block

Compact and light enough to carry in   a tool bag for trail side repairs

Includes spare pin

Patented Design

PBR Chain Tool


08-0001 Chain Breaker with Folding Handle $24.95
08-0048 Chain Alignment Tool $18.95
08-0230 Pliers, Master Link Clip $19.95
08-0358 Light Weight Chain Breaker and Chain Press Tool $74.95
08-0470 (P.B.R) Press, Break, Rivet, Chain tool $94.95
08-0058 Pro Chain Riveting Tool $94.95

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