Sprocket Tool

The counter Sprocket tool from Sprocket Stuff

Tired of struffling with the sprocket nut or bolt, maybe damaging the gears with an impact gun? No more! Simply set the tool over the sprocket for easy removal or getting the exact torque setting.

The counter sprocket tool now handles 3 sizes! 13, 14 and 15 tooth. Just change the pin placement and you are good to go. Tool shown on 2012 Yamaha YZ250 we know this isn’t the only way to do this job, it’s just the best way to do it!!
Bend locking tabs away from nut, lace tool over sprocket.
For Removal:Allign handle of wrench with swingarm and lift to loosen nut.For installation:Start with wrench slightly above swingarm and tighten to torque spec.NOT APPROVED FOR USE WITH IMPACT GUN

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