Supersprox Guarantee


(With Rear / countershaft sprockets and a sealed link chain)

A. When you place an order for a Supersprox-stealth sprocket and chain kit (with sealed link chain), Your Supersprox-stealth rear sprocket carries a “Lifetime guarantee” and its free, no matter what sport or what bike. If your Supersprox-stealth sprocket gets worn out you can ask for a “FREE” replacement.
(*See terms and conditions for full details)

B. All you need to do is fill out the certificate that comes with your kit and post it in to us. Then you’re covered.

Additional to the Lifetime Guarantee

Whether you buy a “KIT”, a chain or any part from Supersprox we guarantee our products to be free from any manufacturing Defects, such as machining faults, dents or other defects that would render the parts unusable or unsatisfactory.

Supersprox products are suitable to fit on any bike mentioned in our web site. Providing that the bike has not been modified to provide more power or torque than it was originally designed to produce.


* T-shirt is only included in KITs with Stealth sprockets.

*How to claim the “LIFETIME GUARANTEE” and the conditions.

The KIT guarantee only covers kit sales, where an RK or DID sealed link chain is purchased with the Supersprox countershaft sprocket and the Supersprox-stealth rear sprocket. The guarantee form that is included in the KIT box, must be returned to Supersprox at the address shown for the registration of the guarantee within 30 days from purchase.

Worn front sprocket

Guarantee in detail

Each GUARANTEE has a unique number, something like this # 8372-193-2007/8″. This number is required to make a claim. We will always attempt to locate your number on our system, but you should keep this number in a safe place to help confirm the validity of the guarantee.

If you wear out your sprocket before selling the bike and you want to claim the FREE replacement, the worn sprocket, chain and front sprocket must be returned to our claims department with details of the name and address used when you purchased the kit. Additionally, the guarantee number should be supplied. Include a copy of the original receipt if you have that. You can find our address in the Contact us section of the web site

Upon receipt of your worn sprocket (at our USA office), we will inspect the sprocket and the chain and providing it has been used responsibly, kept clean and regularly lubricated, we will replace your worn out rear sprocket only with a new one free of charge. Because your rear sprocket is worn out, the chain and the front sprocket sprocket will also be worn out. In this case, you will require a new chain and countershaft sprocket. As part of the Guarantee offer, you should buy the replacement chain and countershaft sprocket from our company at the time of claiming the free replacement rear sprocket. We will sell the replacement chain and countershaft sprocket at the lowest prices mentioned on our web site If you are claiming a lifetime guarantee on a custom sprocket then we will charge you $30 for custom made rear sprocket.

The replacement rear sprocket (plus chain and countershaft) will be shipped to you within 14 days of the receipt of your worn out sprocket. Providing that the part is in stock at the time. If your particular sprocket is not in stock, we may require additional time to ship the free replacement and in this case we would discuss with you and we may require up to 90 days for a replacement sprocket to be shipped. We will only replace like for like and the replacement sprocket must be for the same bike, with the same tooth number as the one sold under the guarantee. The guarantee is specifically related to you and your bike and does not pass with the bike to any other person or bike.

The replacement KIT will not include a second T-shirt or lifetime guarantee for the free replacement rear sprocket. These items are not available for Guarantee claims.

We charge postage and packaging for the replacement KIT at a flat rate of $14.95 inside America and $29.95 to Canada. You will be required to pay this before we despatch the replacement KIT. The Guarantee is not applicable for any sales outside USA and Canada.

The Guarantee is not applicable for custom sprockets in the following tooth sizes: 55T, 60T and 70T and any sales outside USA and Canada.

Fitting and Safety Notice

When fitting your Supersprox KIT, you should consult the owner’s manual for technical and safety instructions. Chain and sprocket kits should only be fitted by trained mechanics, with specific knowledge about the correct installation of drive train components. Products fitted incorrectly could fail in use, causing severe injury or death. These products are designed to operate under normal conditions and with regular maintenance. Failure to maintain your drive train components will significantly reduce the life of the parts and could cause failure in some circumstances.